Delicious success!

August 18, 2021 BY

Shimon and the team at Schnitz Ballarat are celebrating being named as finalists in the Business Excellence Awards.

SINCE opening on Sturt Street in 2015, Shimon Boubout and the team at Schnitz Ballarat have mastered the art of the perfect schnitzel.

They use the freshest local ingredients, combined with a hand-crumbing process, and a special pan cooking technique that seals in the delicious flavour, all to craft a great schnitzel every time.

Each schnitzel is made in the Schnitz way – with patience, love and an obsession with golden crumbs, all served to your liking. Be it in a wrap. In a roll. In a salad. As a snack. Or as a delicious plated meal.

When you taste that first magical bite, you’ll see why the Schnitz Ballarat team are so excited about spreading this love, one handmade schnitzel (and a few notable chips) at a time!

Shimon, along with his partner and their then five-year-old triplets, moved to Ballarat six years ago to open Schnitz Ballarat.

They are very proud to currently employ 26 local staff and Shimon and the team are dedicated to supporting local charities, local sports teams, and businesses.

Each year Schnitz look at ways to improve, to innovate and to remain relevant in the food, dining and takeaway industry.

As a participant in the 2021 Federation Business School Commerce Ballarat Business Excellence Awards, Shimon and his team know the process has enabled them to look deeper into their business and help with that improvement and innovation.

Shimon believes the magic happens when you work on making things better one step at a time. That way you can see solutions in front of your eyes. It’s the kind of thing that helps change culture within a team, and getting the entire team on board makes all the difference!

Schnitz Ballarat, Shimon and his team are truly honoured to have been chosen as a finalist in the Integra Restaurants, Cafes and Pubs Business Award.



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