Get heart healthy!

November 16, 2023 BY

Qualified health professionals from Latrobe Health Services will be offering free heart health checks at Central Square Ballarat next week.

Free award-winning heart health checks coming to Central Square Ballarat


FROM Thursday 23 November to Saturday 25 November free fifteen-minute heart health checks will be offered at Central Square Ballarat, by a qualified health professional as part of Latrobe Health Services commitment to regional communities.

Latrobe Health Services CEO Ian Whitehead said that regional communities have some of the poorest cardiovascular health outcomes in Australia.

“This initiative is one way to help our members, and community check if they are at risk,” he said.

“We’re passionate about supporting better health. Regional communities have some of the worst heart health outcomes in Australia, so if you’re aged between 18 and 50, we really encourage you to participate in the heart health screenings.”

The heart health checks are free and will run from 9am to 4pm Thursday to Saturday. No booking is required.

Key heart health indicators checked during the screening include blood pressure, heart rate, body composition, diabetes risk and non-fasting cholesterol levels.

“Results are provided immediately following the test, with the health professional providing key insights on the results, advice on how to keep your heart healthy, and informing participants on how to follow up with your GP if further action is required,” Mr Whitehead said.

Coronary heart disease remains the dominant cause of death among Australians with worse outcomes experienced in regional and rural areas.

It is important to get heart health check-ups to give you the best chance of receiving the right treatment and possibly diagnosing underlying medical conditions.

Latrobe Health Services is a not-for-profit, for purpose private health insurer.

For more information about Latrobe Health Services free heart health checks visit latrobehealth.com.au/healthyhearts.

To review your private health insurance cover or for new cover enquiries call Latrobe Health Services on 1300 362 144 or visit latrobehealth.com.au.

If you’re interested in our health checks coming to your workplace or community event, please contact [email protected].

Should you have any concerns about your heart health or any other health concerns, please seek the advice of your trusted healthcare professional.