Hands-on learning!

November 27, 2021 BY

The Gordon's remedial massage students have access to a simulated clinic at the TAFE, as well as real world placements.

The Gordon’s remedial massage students benefit from practical work placement.

FOR many years Torquay Chiropractic and Sports Clinic have taken on work placements for The Gordon’s remedial massage students.

The benefits of seeing a busy clinic first-hand and gaining feedback for the practitioners are valuable in their learning journey.

Gordon students have had practical work placement with Dr Peter Smith and his team in the second half of their year-long diploma at The Gordon.

They have completed hours of practical sessions in the simulated clinic at The Gordon and have a sound knowledge of anatomy and physiology before they attend work placement.

“I love my course,” said student Sienna Marriot Webb. “We are learning so much, but being able to put what we have learnt into practice here with Pete and his team has really cemented what we are learning in class.

“With so much of the course dedicated to the hands-on, practical application of our learning, I am confident my massage skills and ability to respond to a client’s issues continue to grow as my course draws to an end.”

TAFE student Sienna Marriot Webb and Torquay Chiropractic and Sports Clinic’s Dr Peter Smith.

Making solid local connections has been really beneficial for students, especially during COVID when students could not attend classes onsite at TAFE.

It was great to see local practices like Jan Juc Chiropractic were there to help support the students’ learning needs.

“There is nothing better than being able to support the local TAFE,” said Dr Smith.

“We know how important it is for The Gordon’s diploma of remedial therapy students to get as much hands-on experience as they can.

“By working with us in a multi-modality clinic, they gain the complete experience of working in a busy clinic with different clients presenting with a range of issues.

“We welcome students for observation who are well supervised by experienced remedial therapists and practitioners. We enjoy listening to their feedback and answering their questions, and see the importance of passing on our years of knowledge and nurturing their enthusiasm.

“We also continue to employ graduated therapists, who work alongside me as combining massage therapy with spinal alignment has significant longstanding health benefits for the patient.

“The students, like Siena, bring great energy to the clinic, and we are confident they will be well on their way to being excellent remedial therapists at the end of the course.”

The diploma of remedial massage course allows students to become members of massage associations and receive their provider numbers.

This will enable them to practice as remedial therapists and allow clients to use their health care funds to claim a rebate.

“I look forward to completing my course and working with practitioners like Pete and his team in the future,” Sienna said.

For more information on the diploma of remedial massage or any other courses, head to thegordon.edu.au.