Huge gas rebate on offer

October 2, 2019 BY

AusNet Services Managing Director Nino Ficca and Gas General Manager Joanne Soysa inspect the new gas network.


$500 back for natural gas hot water services: 100 Bannockburn customers only

BANNOCKBURN customers who connect to the new natural gas network and install a gas hot water service could be eligible for a $500 rebate.

The rebate, which is exclusive to the Bannockburn community, was recently announced by local gas network operator AusNet Services.

It is being offered to customers who are not yet connected, and who are replacing an existing hot water service.

Joanne Soysa, General Manager of AusNet Services’ gas business, said the rebate was great news for new natural gas customers.

“For cost effective, reliable hot water, you really can’t beat natural gas.

“$500 could cover a significant portion of the cost of buying and installing a new, continuous hot water system,” she said.

“And for those customers replacing an electric hot water system, our rebate combined with VEECs, (which could represent another $500 or more), could go close to covering the total cost of their new natural gas hot water system.”

Ms Soysa said the offer was only available to the first 100 eligible Bannockburn customers.

“Unfortunately, there are a limited number of rebates available,” she said.  “We’ve been advising local installers and getting our message out to the Bannockburn community.”

“So for those who are interested, my advice is to be quick. Email [email protected] or go to our website and search for Bannockburn Natural Gas Community Information.”