Introducing FX Evolution

November 21, 2018 BY

Tyrone Abela’s dream to be able to work from anywhere in the world and live by the beach where his kids can grow up in a fun, natural and healthy environment has become a reality.


With so much of our lives spent working, it goes without saying that life would be great if we all loved our jobs.

Taking it one step further, if your job allows you to travel the world and live your ideal life in any location you choose, the blurred line that separates work and life becomes clearer.

My name is Tyrone, and I am the cofounder of the trading education and investment company FX Evolution.

Originally from Southbank in Melbourne where our headquarters were located, my dream was to have a career where I could work from anywhere in the world and live by the beach where my kids could grow up in a fun, natural and healthy environment.

Fast forward eight years and my dream has become a reality, as my career has afforded me the ability to relocate my young family to the seaside suburb of Ocean Grove.

Trading the markets as a career was a daunting prospect at the beginning, as I imagined that only the corporate high flyers in their city offices could possibly be successful.

As I became educated in the craft of trading, it became apparent that there was no mystical formula available only to the privileged few.

Just like any good business, trading successfully is a process that involves sound discipline and the ability to follow a plan, and the fact is that anybody with these qualities can do it.

Our headquarters is now located in our new hometown of Ocean Grove, and I will be writing this column in the coming editions to give readers an insight into what trading the markets is really like.

I will cover many aspects of the trading process both good and bad to help showcase the career I love, and at the same time give readers some valuable tips about trading and investment from the ground level.