Salt therapy at the Ballarat Salt Rooms is no miner treatment

December 12, 2018 BY

The floatation tank at Ballarat Salt Rooms is a great way to relax.

When you think of alternative and complimentary health treatments, sitting down a mine mightn’t be the first thing that jumps into your head.

HOWEVER, that’s the experience Ballarat Salt Rooms replicates with its salt therapy, also known as halotherapy, service.

Dating back many centuries, salt therapy replicates the atmosphere of a salt mine.

As salt possesses unique healing properties this innovative technique is suitable for people of all ages, with children and adults alike able to benefit.

Ballarat Salt Rooms salt therapy space is saturated with salt on the floor and micro-granules in the air.

“The saturation has a unique quality that is beneficial for people who suffer from a wide range of respiratory and skin conditions,” said Ballarat Salt Rooms owner Ray Borner.

“These include asthma, bronchitis, emphysema, hay fever, pneumonia and COPD along with psoriasis and eczema.”

Ray is a four-time Olympic basketballer who was recently inducted in the Coburg Basketball Association Hall of Fame.

He decided to offer salt therapy after his wife experienced a salt room in Cobden.

Initially Ray was sceptical of the positive outcomes from salt therapy but then he looked into it, did the research, visited services in Melbourne and the US and saw the benefits.

“It’s something that’s a natural way of cleansing out the lungs and it gives people with lung conditions an easier way to breathe,” he said.

It’s not just salt therapy on offer at Ballarat Salt Rooms.

Ray also provides other wellness, alternative health and complimentary services like Vibrosaun, Far Infrared Sauna, float tanks, a wide range of massage and reiki.

Vibrosaun provides a whole-body massage while also warming everything but the head. A 55-minute session leaves you feeling incredibly relaxed and less stressed as it targets muscle and back pains, stiff joints, over-tiredness and stress symptoms.

Ballarat Salt Rooms private Far Infrared Sauna sessions are great for detox, pain relief, weight loss and stress release.

Floatation tanks are being used by the Golden State Warriors, New England Patriots and Geelong Football Club.

It’s a widely accepted way of treating a number of conditions and ailments, including mental and physical health. Massage offenings at Ballarat Salt Rooms include relaxation, deep tissue, remedial, pregnancy, Lomi Lomi, and lymphatic drainage.

In addition, reiki is also offered. It’s a hands-on healing and relaxation method that uses ‘universal energy’ (or chi) to both correct energetic imbalances in the body and recharge energetically depleted areas.

To complement the range of services available at Ballarat Salt Rooms there’s also gift vouchers so you can treat someone special to the salt therapy experience.

To round out there’s also Himalayan salt lamps, Amazing Magnesium Oils and Gumleaf Essential Oils for sale, meaning you can take that healing feeling home with you.

Ballarat Salt Rooms is located at 242 Main Road, Ballarat. Call 5331 7810 or visit for more information.

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