The team at Chris Packer & Associates have guided their business, and many others, through the challenges of a global pandemic.

Shared success in the face of challenge

August 29, 2021 BY

“After twenty-eight years of being in business and in the industry for thirty-five odd years, I thought I had seen everything,” said Chris Packer, director of Chris Packer & Associates.

“I had seen changes of political parties, global financial crisis, I am old enough to have experienced the last recession and everything in between. Then suddenly we were confronted by something that potentially would be the biggest event we would have to cope with in our professional life – a global pandemic.”

Chris vividly recalls calling a full team meeting on 28 March 2020 to discuss the impending coronavirus pandemic and what it meant.

The environment was new and unpredictable, and Chris was challenged by what he and his wife were facing on a personal and professional level as business owners.

COVID-19 threatened the livelihood for many businesses and for Chris Packer & Associates, as accountants and business advisers specialising in supporting small to medium enterprises, was even more challenging.

Whilst thinking outside the square is central to what Chris Packer & Associates have done for over 28 years in business, more than ever this was critical.

Chris led the team to adapt to this unknown environment and initiatives including JobKeeper and government stimulus packages that were rapidly rolling out.

The team adapted and became skilled in new and virtual technologies triaging support and services to those within the community.

Immediate action was needed to navigate the myriad of complexities we faced, something I believe our team achieved with resilience and optimism,” Chris said.

“A driving force has been our ability to remain optimistic and resilient through what has been the most challenging phase of my business career

“Our team remained professional and focused, channelling support to achieve positive outcomes in the most trying of circumstances.

“We saw the evolvement of many new emerging businesses and we were excited to support these enterprises as they evolved.

“Chris Packer & Associates are immersed in the business community and breathe innovative business practices that result in strengthening the community.”



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