What is property styling?

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BLINK Living is a property styling company based in Geelong. We have a warehouse in Belmont where we keep our range of beautiful, stylish furniture, art and accessories ready to style vacant homes in the Geelong, Surf Coast and Ballarat area.

Buyers are coming from all areas to settle in Ballarat and attracting the right buyers to your property is now easier with Blink Living waiting to turn your vacant property into a dream home. We can also style partially furnished properties.

This service is also available to builders and developers who wish to furnish display homes or apartments.

Property styling is a professional service where stylists furnish a vacant home with beautiful furniture, artwork and accessories creating an instantly positive response from prospective buyers. Styling a property allows potential buyers to see how they might live in the home and shows the home in its best light, highlighting its positive features and minimising any faults.

Potential purchasers need to become emotionally connected to your property creating an urgency to purchase resulting in less haggling and a better sale price.

A beautifully styled property attracts more views on the internet, more people attending open homes and a better response from qualified buyers rather than bargain hunters.

Statistics show property styling results in quicker sales. If a property sits on the market for longer that six weeks it is perceived to be either too expensive or undesirable in some way.  This can lead to lower offers and less interest as time goes on.

Styling your property for sale is an investment in achieving the best result possible in the shortest time frame.

Over the past 12 years the professional stylists at Blink Living have successfully styled more than 3000 properties on the East Coast of Australia, achieving a success rate of over 95%.

Some frequently asked questions about how property styling works are:

How do I find out if property styling is for me?

Just call our stylists, they can chat about your property and give you a ballpark figure over the phone, then meet you at the property for an obligation free quotation.

How much does styling cost?

Around $4000 to $5000 for the average home.

Can I live in the home once you’ve styled it?

Generally no, but we do make exceptions based on circumstances.

Does it really matter how the interior is furnished?

Yes, presentation is the best way to get top price for your home.

You get great photos for the internet, more inspections and quicker sales.

Can I use some of my own furniture?

Yes, if its suitable we can incorporate your own pieces with ours.

What do you do with your old furniture?

We donate to local charities and furnish homes for DV victims moving back into the community through Sunny Kids.

Get in touch with our talented stylist Louise Rowe to arrange an obligation free quotation on 0429 955 534 via email [email protected] or visit blinkliving.com.au for more information.


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