Whole of community behind success

September 11, 2019 BY

Chris Packer, director of Chris Packer & Associates.

In 1993 Chris Packer ventured into the unknown world of small business enterprise; he had little or no idea what was ahead of him.

Twenty-six years later he’s proud to stand alongside his peers as a small business owner who has not only survived in a competitive environment but who has contributed to the progression and sustainability of many other businesses.

Chris attributes much of his success to the loyalty and dedication of his team, who have not only helped build his business, but those of the firm’s clients.

The corporate vision of the practice – Relationships, Integrity, Quality and Innovation, is the foundation by which Chris Packer & Associates conducts business and this reflected in the level of professionalism and delivery of service.

Chris’s philosophy is that a strong and vibrant business must by default embrace a ‘whole of community’ approach. This strengthens the development of business and community connections, employment and a stronger business economy for where we all work, live and raise our families, and there cannot be division between the two.

As a small business enterprise, Chris understands the ebbs, flows and unpredictability of being a business operator in an ever changing climate. He’s proud of enduring relationships that have stood the test of time; and for some clients, generations.

Chris is extremely proud to receive the Ballarat Volkswagen Professional Service Business Award for the 2019 Federation Business School Commerce Ballarat Business Excellence Awards.