Why kindness matters in Aged Care

December 7, 2023 BY

Individual support aged care student at The Gordon, David Wei, has developed strong bonds with the people he helps and finds joy in creating personalised care plans for them.

THE surging growth in the aged care sector has not only opened doors to countless job opportunities but has also highlighted the profound rewards of a career devoted to the care of our elderly.

According to Laura Mojseiej, The Gordon’s Business Manager for Health and Community Services, “Aged care is the ideal career for anyone who is caring and compassionate and wants to make a difference in a senior person’s life.

“It is so rewarding as you continue to make lifelong and meaningful connections. It is one of the reasons so many people enjoy their day-to-day work in aged care,” he said.

The country’s aging demographic has increased the demand for qualified individual support workers providing quality care.

In response, The Gordon has tailored its aged care course to equip students with the skills needed for this evolving sector.

David Wei, a current individual support aged care student at The Gordon, emphasises the institute’s practical approach based on his real-world experiences.

“During my first placement I was in a retirement village, I was assigned to work closely with residents, providing personal care assistance and companionship,” he said.

“I discovered that my coursework had prepared me well for the practical aspects of the job, but the real joy came from the human connection I forged.

“My placement not only enhanced my practical skills, but it also instilled in me a deeper sense of empathy and compassion.

“I developed a better understanding of the challenges faced by elderly individuals and the importance of providing not just physical care but also emotional support.”

Mr Wei developed strong bonds with several residents, learning about their life stories, interests, and preferences.

He found joy in creating personalised care plans that catered to each resident’s unique needs.

“This hands-on experience allowed me to apply theoretical knowledge in a real-world setting, reinforcing the significance of my studies at The Gordon,” Mr Wei said.

Witnessing the positive impact of his care on residents’ lives became the highlight of Mr Wei’s placement in a retirement village.

“I saw improvements in their well-being, increased social engagement, and a genuine sense of community within the retirement village,” he said.

“The gratitude expressed by both residents and their families further validated my choice to pursue a career in the individual support field.”

For those contemplating a career in aged care, The Gordon emerges as a leader of practical learning, providing a holistic education with an emphasis on compassion and empathy.

As the aged care industry continues to evolve, The Gordon stands at the forefront, producing graduates who are not only qualified professionals but also compassionate caregivers dedicated to making a significant difference in the lives of our seniors.

If you’re interested in competing your six-month individual support course you can find out more at thegordon.edu.au.