AgVic warns of weed

December 10, 2021 BY

Pretty pest: People are being asked to keep an eye out for orange hawkweed. Photo: SUPPLIED

RESIDENTS are being encouraged to check their land for a bright but destructive pest plant.

Orange hawkweed is a state prohibited weed that can impact native ecosystems by releasing a chemical into soil that restricts growth of surrounding plants and instead replaces them with a dense mat of rosettes.

Leading biosecurity officer with Agriculture Victoria, Fiona Sharman, said the weed was detected in areas of Blackwood, Daylesford, Mount Macedon and Trentham.

“We’ve seen orange hawkweed continue to germinate over recent seasons which can damage our native environment,” she said.

“The sooner we can take action against infestations, the better our chances are to eradicate it.

“Now is the best time of year to inspect your property for orange hawkweed, as the weed flowers in summer and is easier to spot.”

Residents should look for bright orange, daisy-like flowers with square ended petals, and stems and leaves with long, wiry hairs.

Hawkweeds spread quickly through seeds carried in the wind or from stolons and root fragments, and will be treated, removed and disposed of by AgVic at no cost to the landowner.

Residents should not attempt to remove the weed themselves.

To report a sighting, contact AgVic via 136 186, [email protected], or agriculture.vic.gov.au/about/contact-us.