Project partner: Construction group Diona has a temporary site facility on Scott Parade where earthmoving machines and piping is parked. Photo: EDWINA WILLIAMS

Big sewer build coming down the pipe

April 8, 2021 BY

THE large-scale Ballarat Sewer Build works are underway.

The first construction period, focusing on the CBD-White Flat vicinity, started last Tuesday, 6 April, with hydro excavation between Mair and Little Bridge streets.

Central Highlands Water managing director Paul O’Donohue said the “legacy project” will tick along in the coming months with the least amount of disruption to local traders as possible.

“Through the Ballarat Sewer Build, CHW is implementing an entirely different strategy to traditional infrastructure works management; using innovation, planning and engagement to lead our approach and minimise the impact on the community,” he said.

“Investigative and preparation works, that would traditionally have seen intersections of roads closed, have been approached differently, to avoid disrupting businesses and locals.

“These works have included investigation works… locating underground services such as gas, Telstra, power and drainage to avoid any network outages.”

A “future-proofing” construction task on a monumental scale, large machinery and equipment will be in use throughout, and “very noticeable” around town.

The Ballarat Sewer Build is also expected to operate as a “rolling worksite.”

“This means that short sections, of approximately 10 metres to 30 metres in length, will be completed at a time, ensuring sections of footpaths and business facades are only affected for one to two days, rather than for the duration of the project,” Mr O’Donohue said.

CHW plans to keep their customers and community abreast of updates throughout the big build, while continuing to minimise impacts, and conducting business as usual.