Professional advice: founder of ProfitHQ and mentor Philip Coombs is one of Commerce Ballarat’s Business Day Out speakers. Photo: SUPPLIED

Building business a big day out

April 15, 2021 BY

ANNUAL networking event Business Day Out is set to present a range of notable speakers and the opportunity to mingle with likeminded professionals from across the region.

Facilitated and subsided by Commerce Ballarat, the affordable ticket includes access to the half-day program of professional forums, networking with the Ballarat business community and a buffet lunch from 12pm.

Acclaimed sports presenter, producer and originally Ballarat local, Melissa Haase is set to MC the day’s proceedings alongside the three speakers.

First up on the program is National Australia Bank’s head of behaviour and industry economics Dean Pearson who currently leads a team of analysts looking into consumer and business habits.

The event draws in hundreds of attendees from across the region.

With over 30 years’ experience as a behavioural economist and commentator under his belt, Mr Pearson plans to discuss some of his findings and debunk the idea that humans are naturally rational beings.

Second up is founder of ProfitHQ and business mentor Philip Coombs who is also a business coach, an accredited Mindshop advisor, author, and guest speaker, with over 30 years of hands on experience.

With a wealth of “hip pocket” experience, Mr Coombs said by understanding business from a former owner and manager standpoint, it helps him best coach his clients for maximum profitability.

“I’ve owned 15 different businesses, I started very young in business ownership in my 30s, so I understand business and how complex business ownership is,” he said.

“Business is getting tougher, not easier, so what I’m trying to get business owners to focus on is profitability because it’s impossible to look after employees or achieve any goals in business without making a profit.

“It’s almost become a dirty word and people feel uncomfortable talking about it but I’m hoping to show people techniques of how to make more money out of business, not at the expense of people.”

Final speaker on the program is founder of international communications agency Lotus Monica Brown who has experience working for international, high profile food-based clients including Heston Blumenthal, Tetsuya Wakuda and Rainer Becke.

Clocking over 30 years’ professional experience, Ms Brown also curated a range of internationally successful events including the Margaret River Gourmet Escape, Oceana Project and Gelinaz Shuffle, and is eager to discuss her mould-breaking tips and tricks with audiences.

In preparation for the day, Mr Coombs said networking events such as the Business Day Out are critical in the development of a business to get better, learn from people and build on the knowledge you might not have.

“These networking style events are really important, especially if you’re starting out a new business, it’s essential to mix with people and build a community around you,” he said.

“I’ve seen it all, multiple recessions, I’ve made money and lost money and have a lot of experience a lot of coaches don’t have and I want to give people some tips, tools and techniques, so they don’t have to spend 25 years of pain to learn.

“I’m going to be talking about profit, the importance of profit, what you can do to grow profits and how you can build a business to sell later down the track and you can’t take the right actions unless you have the knowledge in the first place.”

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