Capital gains – Young leaders head to Canberra

October 26, 2019 BY

Meeting in person: Liv Lorkin, Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Sadiki Mukasa at Parliament House. Photos: MIKE HILL

A RENDEZVOUS in early morning darkness for a flight to the nation’s capital was the start of three hectic days for the current Leadership Ballarat Western Region program participants.

Catherine King, Federal Member for Ballarat, hosted the group at Parliament House.

She facilitated meeting politicians and leaders from all parties as well as media representatives

“The participants had the opportunity to pick the brains of the Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister, the Deputy Leader of the Opposition and others to find out more about their leadership skills and the leadership techniques they use,” Ms King said.

Leadership with authority was the theme for the day with a specific purpose of understanding the demands and challenges within Federal politics.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison spent time with the member of LBWR answering their questions.

Sadiki Mukasa, LBWR member, said it was extraordinary to get the chance to meet up with high-level leaders who run the county.

“For me it was just being able to sit in the gallery during question time and see how messy and how loud they get,” he said. “But it is how the country is run and rules are decided, especially if there is a lot of things at stake like the drought.

“It was exciting to watching decisions being made and to have the opportunity to speak and meet with the Prime Minister and the Treasurer.”

Mr Mukasa said seeing the politicians in action changed his perspective.

It became obvious to him during the day that leadership with authority is not easy.

“Elected leaders have real concerns for other people and are trying to do their best for them with the tools they have.”

Liv Lorkin, LBWR colleague said it wasn’t until she was back in Ballarat that she had time to seriously reflect on the events in Canberra.

“In our time at Parliament House I met people who I don’t necessarily agree with politically,” she said. “But I realised you can share a passion for your community regardless of which way you lean.

“It was interesting to meet people in person and then get to see them in action during question time in the House.”

The group met with Prime Minister Scott Morrison sharing an opportunity to ask questions.

Ms Lorkin said it was quite special to meet someone who holds such a seat of power.

“It comes back to leading with authority,” she said. “You can see what parts you relate to, and what you might not, and try to understand the reason they have that kind of style.”

Michelle Whyte, Executive Officer at LBWR, said this visit to Parliament is one of many highlights of the annual leadership program.

“All our emerging leaders who take part in this busy trip come home with skills and insights that allow them to take the next step in their roles at work and in the wider community,” she said.