Windswept: Grassy eucalypt woodland between Inverleigh and Teesdale. Photo: SUPPLIED

CMA to protect endangered grasslands

September 16, 2020 BY

CORANGAMITE CMA’s Grassy Eucalypt Woodlands Project will work to protect key native ecosystems between Meredith, Shelford and Inverleigh.

Open grassy eucalypt woodlands are full of native gums, some centuries old, and are home to threatened wildlife like the striped legless lizard, growling grass frog and golden sun moth.

The environmental collaboration aims to improve the health and condition of the critically endangered native habitat and its catchment connectivity, developing a private land stewardship program, burning off the land in partnership with its Traditional Owners, and managing public linear reserves.

Walls Lagoon and an old river redgum in volcanic plains grassland. Photo: FILE

CCMA project officer, Jess Lill said it’s an exciting opportunity for her team, Landcare and those managing local land to look after and improve the “rare and beautiful ecological communities,” between Meredith in the north, Inverleigh in the south, Shelford in the west, and to the You Yangs.

“Through this project, land managers will discover the native animals and plants that live within their own woodlands and how they can protect them,” Ms Lill said.

Following European settlement in the region, only one per cent of these woodland areas within the Victorian volcanic plains are left.