Sweet idea: The Little Cupcake owner Madeleine Witham has introduced a range of contactless buying options. Photos: FILE

Contactless delivery to combat COVID-19

March 26, 2020 BY

AS social distancing and self-isolation becomes widespread some businesses are introducing contactless options to combat the challenge.

Understanding that not everyone is able to browse in-store, eateries and shops are adapting by offering free delivery for their customers.

Andrea Hurley from Hattie and the Wolf is looking at ways customers can still make purchases.

Sustainable gift store Hattie and the Wolf has implemented the delivery scheme and owner Andrea Hurley said it’s always important to support local industries.

“There might be trying times ahead, but there’s not really a plan B for most business owners, so we need all the support we can get all throughout the year,” she said.

The eco-friendly store is considering setting a 15-kilometre delivery radius around the shop and will transport products when staff are available.

“We’re also happy for people to call us up to ask more questions, or even send photos of our stock to the customer, if they want to browse but can’t come in,” said Mrs Hurley.

Gourmet cupcake supplier The Little Cupcake has also applied a free delivery system, with plans to introduce further shopping options to increase accessibility for customers.

Owner Madeleine Witham said she has noticed a decrease in customers coming into the shop.

“At first I just thought it was nothing, but then we didn’t really have people in for two weeks after that,” she said.

Customers also have the option to call in an order and have it taken out to their car, for a contactless in-store experience. The cupcake store also intends to open the front windows of their building, so that patrons can browse and select items, without having to enter the premises.

“People have been taking advantage of the delivery and they’ve been sending cupcakes to schools and hospitals for the staff there,” said Ms Witham.

“We’d really like to thank Ballarat for all the support they’ve shown us recently.”