Last service: The Very Reverend Chris Chataway on Sunday. Photo: FIONA WATSON

Dean says farewell to congregation

January 11, 2020 BY

A STEADY stream of parishioners, friends and well-wishers came to say goodbye the Very Reverend Chris Chataway, the Dean of the Cathedral Church of Christ the King as he presided over his last service before heading west to Perth.

After six years in Ballarat the Very Reverend Chataway will take up the position of Dean at St George’s Cathedral. In his six years in the city he’s had an impact on Ballarat, both within the church and in the broader community.

The Very Reverend Chataway has provided challenging and meaningful insights into preaching and teaching and provided comfort to people in crisis, offering guidance when needed, and has an excellent ear for those who needed to talk.

“The ecumenical and interfaith relationships are strong in this City, and people’s commitment to help refugees and to reduce homelessness is commendable in every way,” he said.

“I have particularly enjoyed the cultural, artistic and musical vibrancy of Ballarat and I hope that, as the city grows, it does not lose its commitment to building an inclusive community. The Cathedral has played its part in that vibrancy, and I hope those cultural values continue in the city has a whole.”

The Dean has used his love of music to broaden the life of the Cathedral, extending its use as a place of celebration for concerts and as a way of promoting the Cathedral Music Foundation.

This has laid a great basis to promote the Cathedral to a broader community that will encourage greater participation in a whole range of aspects of life.