Musically lifted: Members of the CocoSounds Thursday night drumming group are happy to be back together. Photo: SUPPLIED

Drumming group back in the rhythm

October 24, 2020 BY

LOVERS of music, the seasoned team at CocoSounds are committed to delivering high quality lessons and empowering their students to find joy in music making.

Described as a community music portal, owner and facilitator Stella Savy said they provide a culturally safe space for people to learn and enjoy music.

“People can engage CocoSounds to have private music lessons or they can join one of our groups,” she said.

“I’ve got a kid’s choir on Monday on Zoom and then Thursday night choir for adults on Zoom as well.

“We’ve also got the two percussion groups, there’s mini Hanz On and Hanz On for adults that are both on Thursday as well.”

With available lessons in singing, guitar, percussion, music theory, song writing and piano, as well as the group sessions, CocoSounds has something for every muso, no matter the skill level.

Although earlier this year, COVID disrupted the nature of their classes, Ms Savy said it was important to continue classes and so they were forced to adapt.

“Initially lots of people dropped off because they didn’t want to do online for a number of reasons,” she said.

“Everyone has gotten better at it, firstly, myself at delivering the program and, secondly, people understanding how to interact with it.

“Now I have people from all over the state logging in and particularly for the older age groups, especially those living by themselves, it’s a fabulous way to stay connected.”

Although the choir lessons are still being held online, the team’s Hanz On percussion group sessions have resumed in person at the Ballarat Welcome Centre in Barkley Square.

With social distancing and COVID protocols in place, Ms Savy said it’s just great to be back together as a group playing and enjoying music.

“People are feeling a little bit trapped so it’s nice to be able to escape for a little while and do something that might be really different or might be something you’re used to doing,” she said.

“Singing and drumming, there is a lot of scientific evidence out there that talks about the mental health benefits of playing music in a group.

“Music is one of the oldest art forms and it’s always brought people together, through many pandemics throughout history so engaging with music on this level is great for our community.”

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