Support and supplies: Trinsa Lewis in Eureka Mums’ recently relaunched and expanded Sebastopol premises. Photo: FILE

Give to warm and clothe young families

June 10, 2021 BY

EUREKA Mums’ annual Giving Day will arrive next Wednesday, 16 June, asking the community to make monetary donations.

Each financial contribution will be quadrupled by some of the organisation’s major philanthropic supporters.

All funds directed to the volunteer network on the day will mean they can continue to supply clothing, nursery equipment and supplies to babies, children, teens and their families this chilly season.

The money raised will support the distribution of cots, prams, car seats and clothes, offering families warmth, safe equipment, and opportunity.

Operations manager Trinsa Lewis said the last year has been more challenging than ever for parents and carers raising young people with lockdown periods and changes to government support payments.

“Last month was the biggest month we’ve ever had, and the need is growing,” she said.

“We delivered 75 bundles of clothing; our highest numbers ever. We average about 50. It’s because of a mixture of COVID and people losing JobKeeper payments.”

Eureka Mums, and their sister organisations in St Kilda and Geelong, all saw a 31 per cent increase in families asking for help as the COVID-19 crisis hit Victoria.

“Because of the community’s generosity on Giving Day last year, we managed to continue supporting families in need throughout a global pandemic and multiple lockdowns,” Ms Lewis said.

“Donations from Giving Day this year will give us the opportunity to help more children than ever before. Every child deserves care, a safe start and a future filled with possibility.”

Over 40 per cent of Eureka Mums’ clients in the last 12 months reached out for support due to the direct economic impacts of COVID-19.

Ms Lewis said their circumstances have all been very different, but some face homelessness, unemployment, are asylum seekers, or victims of domestic violence.

Make a monetary Giving Day donation online at, or donate cash to Eureka Mums directly at 15 Gray Street, Sebastopol between 9am and 2.30pm on business days from now until the afternoon of Wednesday, 16 June.