ELC donates to Eureka Mums

October 18, 2021 BY

Drop-off: Eureka Mums’ Neisha Platt received Journey Early Learning Centre Sebastopol’s donations from manager Melissa Kennedy. Photo: SUPPLIED

SEBASTOPOL’S Journey Early Learning Centre community recently ran a pie drive in support of Eureka Mums.

Raising $766, centre manager Melissa Kennedy said her team was able to purchase and donate many items that the charity needed.

“We bought over 110 pairs of knickers and jocks, nearly 50 t-shirts for older children, hoodies, leggings, shorts, hair packs, baby onesies, baby blankets, and mattress protectors,” she said.

“This fundraiser has opened up our families’ eyes, and got them thinking about things like cots or highchairs that they might have at home, and be willing to donate.”

Ms Kennedy said Journey Early Learning and Eureka Mums have developed a warm, “reciprocal relationship” over time.

“We’ve previously used Eureka Mums to support some of our families in the community that we live in if they’ve been struggling and doing it tough.

“Eureka Mums are always happy, willing and obliging to step in and support us with what we need, so we support them when we can,” she said.

“We go by the slogan, ‘support those who support you,’ because you never know when you’re going to be put in a compromising position and needing to rely on support.”

Eureka Mums operations manager Trinsa Lewis was grateful for the generous donation.

“Their focus on our wish-list was amazing and really helped us, particularly the clothing for older children. Those items did not stay with us very long at all,” she said.

“We had an order sitting there that we hadn’t been able to fill because we were short in pants and tops for older children, so their donation meant we could fill the order and send it straight out the next day.”

Ms Lewis encourages potential donors to check the wish-list, and book a drop off time at eurekamums.org.

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