Mums seek to grow volunteer family

January 28, 2022 BY

Loyalty, integrity, kindness: Jennifer Davidson has been volunteering with the charity for two years, loving its compassionate values. Photo: EDWINA WILLIAMS

DO you care about others, want to make a difference and help the community, have an eye for detail, and at least two spare hours in the week?

Charity Eureka Mums is seeking volunteers of all ages and genders to assist with operations at their Sebastopol facility.

Tasks include sorting children’s and teen’s clothing, toys, books, art supplies, and toiletries, bundling and labelling, safety-checking big items like cots, prams, and car seats, and collecting donations.

Volunteer coordinator Beck Moss said those that can work independently, and as part of a friendly, collaborative team will fit in well, no matter their experience.

“We love having a chat over the tables and consider ourselves a bit of a family around here,” she said.

“We have volunteers from all walks of life. Everyone has a different background, but the thing that ties us all together is that everyone wants to help, support others, and make a difference to the lives of families that need it.”

Eureka Mums currently has over 20 active volunteers, and approximately a dozen regulars, including retired teacher Jennifer Davidson, who has been with the charity for two years.

“We have a lovely melting pot of volunteers. It’s a safe space with loyalty, integrity, kindness… all those old-fashioned values that are important to community,” she said.

“It’s a wonderful atmosphere with leadership that makes it so enjoyable to be here. We always have lunch, or a cup of coffee or tea, and everything that goes on here is private.

“I love the oversight that we have with Geelong Mums and St Kilda Mums, and the training that we have. It’s a place to belong, and you always feel like you’ve contributed, done something worthwhile, and it adds to your own sense of self-satisfaction.”

Those willing to express interest in volunteering can fill out a form on the charity’s website via bit.ly/3GXiOZS.

They will receive an email from Ms Moss with information, before being offered a tour and induction opportunity, which takes between an hour and 90 minutes.

“We try to make it an easy and smooth process here, and get new volunteers in when it suits them, because family is a priority,” she said.

“Everyone here’s quite passionate about what we do, and without our volunteers, we couldn’t do what we do. They’re our lifeline.”