Healthy and happy: Narelle Tolliday’s bright and busy Monday morning class gets their groove on. Photo: EDWINA WILLIAMS

Fitness at the beat of your own drum

February 29, 2020 BY

DESIGNED for all ages and abilities, cardio drumming trains the body and brain.

Dance and fitness instructor, Narelle Tolliday said the program is so much fun, people forget they’re exercising.

“It’s cardio, with lots of jumping around, but also a stress release. You don’t have to know how to drum, it’s just drumming to the beat of the music,” she said.

“There’s a large exercise ball that sits on a bucket, so it doesn’t go anywhere, you get a set of drumsticks and away we go. It’s repetitious and easy to follow so you can go harder or faster if you wish to.

“It’s good music. I’ve got from the Spice Girls, to the Beach Boys, to up-to-date music, so it’s such a variety. Good vibes and a good workout.”

But each 45-minute session attends to more than just cardio fitness.

“There are sustained movements where you work your core, and we do full arm movements which really work the arms. You definitely work up a sweat, but it’s such a good time.”

Cardio drumming runs at Ballarat Community Health, Lucas at 8.20am on Saturdays, Ross Creek Community Hall at 7.30pm on Tuesdays, and at Curtain Call Performing Arts Studios at 9.30am Mondays and 7.30pm Thursdays.

“There’s lots of small communities wanting to bring a group of people together to have some fun and fitness,” Mrs Tolliday said.

“It’s also great for staff functions and morale in the middle of a PD to get groups doing something and having fun.”

Email [email protected] for more information.