Get on the band wagon

January 16, 2019 BY

THE Ballarat Memorial Concert Band is on the hunt for memories and memorabilia.

Earlier this year, the band was awarded a Local History Grant from the Public Record Office Victoria. The grant will be used to create an e-book. The book will be about the people, the changes, challenges, fun times and events that have shaped the band over the years.

The band is seeking contributions of stories, images, recordings or other memorabilia related to Ballarat Memorial Concert Band (formerly Ballarat Soldiers Sailors and Airman Band) from any period in the last century. Members of the public are invited to contribute stories of their involvement with the band whether it be as a musician, a relative of a musician or as an audience member.

Contributions can be sent to or History Project, Ballarat Memorial Concert Band, P.O. Box 2620, Ballarat, 3354.