Gordon’s historic Bar Room Gallery

April 3, 2024 BY

An historical setting: One of the artists from the Gordon Bar Room Gallery collective, Myrawin Nelson, shows off some of the gallery's latest exhibition. Photo: JANE GARDNER

VISITORS to Gordon might like to call in to the historic old hotel in the main street.

Before it was a hotel, the building used to be a hospital for returned servicemen, where it was once rather famously visited by Mother Teresa.

It’s now a bustling café and thanks to the generosity of the café owners, also – in a separate room with its own entrance – a small art gallery.

Situated in Gordon’s main street, the Gordon Bar Room Gallery still has the cellar trapdoor visible in the old floorboards.

The gallery was established by a group of local artists, ceramicists, crafters, and other creatives to showcase artwork from Gordon, Mt Egerton, Ballan and surrounds.

The co-operative presently consists of a core group of about eight members, with visiting artists exhibiting on rotation.

The latest exhibition, which will run until June, will be launched on April 12 from 6pm.

It’s well worth a visit, not just for the historical aspect of the beautiful old building, but also to see the wonderful collection of local art.

From still life paintings, contemporary drawings, hand-made cards, through to rustic pottery and small sculptures, there’s something for every art and craft lover.

The Gordon Bar Room Gallery is open every Saturday from 10am to 2pm or by appointment.

For more information, email [email protected], or follow the gallery on Instagram.