Disease prevention: For dietitians, Kate Falconer and Rebecca Nunes, the new machines are about looking after the community. Photo: EDWINA WILLIAMS

Healthier choices at BHS

August 13, 2019 BY

BALLARAT Health Services has launched new healthy vending machines in line with the State government’s Healthy Choices guidelines.

Awarded the BHS vending contract, Vendy is offering a range of food and drink options, the majority healthy, including nuts and popcorn. Some machines offer meals, and all food is labelled clearly by three colours.

Healthy options are in green, foods to think carefully about are orange, and treat foods to limit are in red.

Dietitian, Kate Falconer, has been leading the Healthy Choices project rollout across the whole of BHS over the last 18 months, including the vending change.

“For our staff, we are really surrounded by takeaway outlets. Our modern society is fast paced and often we are relying on those takeaway foods which aren’t always the healthiest option, so we are trying to turn that on its head here,” she said.

“After out cafeteria closes, both our staff and our families of the patients in the hospital can now access healthy choices. It’s fabulous to be able to access healthy choices 24 hours a day.

“It’s not about limiting the choice, it’s about changing the ratio so that there’s a bigger variety of healthy options available and they’re promoted first.”

Products may be swapped depending on their popularity. Junk food options are priced slightly higher than healthy options.