Home classroom: Federation University’s remote learners have access to staff support online in all specialist areas. Photo: FILE

Help for uni learners finding their feet

May 25, 2020 BY

UNIVERSITY students are adapting to full internet learning, which may be very foreign.

But considering tertiary institutions have had, within the last two decades, online teaching capabilities for students learning remotely and rurally, Federation University learning skills advisor, Leigh Albon said they’re well placed to continue educating their communities.

“The great thing is naturally, and by default, there’s always this online option,” he said.

“All universities have really quickly tried to move all students into that online mode. The main problem students have had is with the change, rather than their study.”

In his support role, Mr Albon has been working to ensure students, just out of school or mature age, can easily acclimatise as soon as possible, mindful of life’s bigger picture.

“If you have other priorities, like working from home or kids at home, and you’ve gone from having hours a day to minutes, change your routine,” he said.

“There needs to be a clear separation between study and home life, physically and time-wise. Have a clearly defined area and study times, stick a note on the door to be left alone, get up and take proper breaks, and don’t put too much stress on yourself.

“Universities are doing everything they can to support students, and have teams to provide the same support online as they do on campus. All students need to do is reach out.”

Fed Uni has a ‘moodle shell’ with online study transition support including skill and course resources, and contacts for those needing help. Contact Student HQ on 1800 333 864.