Historical building on show

April 23, 2024 BY

Historical: Members of the public will be able to go inside Anderson's Mill early next month. Photo: SUPPLIED

A PIECE of the region’s history will be open to the public early next month, providing an opportunity to learn about a building that was constructed more than one hundred and fifty years ago.

Anderson’s Mill Heritage Weekend is on Saturday 11 and Sunday 12 May at Smeaton with displays of heritage crafts, machinery and historical information.

The five story blue stone building was opened in 1862 and Cheryl Just, president of the Anderson’s Mill Heritage Weekend Incorporated, said it is an important part of Victorian goldfield history.

“It was started in 1860 and finished and up and running in 1862,” she said.

“Why this building is so important is because everything is still on site.

“The Anderson house is there, the beautiful little office, the stables, the blacksmiths shop and the granary are still on that land.”

The mill is situated in a valley and the iron waterwheel, which is still intact, will be in operation over the weekend.

“There is a creek on one side and a small creek on the other so it’s like an island,” said Ms Just.

“You come down and see this huge mill.”

Ms Just said she hopes the weekend allows people to see the importance of protecting the mill.

“Our main thing is that we wanted people to see the mill because the mill needs restoration,” she said.

“We were hoping the more and more people saw the mill, the more it would come to the fore, and I think it has.”

The building, which was opened in 1862, includes an iron waterwheel. Photo: SUPPLIED

More information about the free event is at the Anderson’s Mill Heritage Weekend Facebook page.