Bait is better: Rabbit proof fencing stretching across the country was once considered an effective means of keeping the animals contained. Photo: STEVE COLLIS

Hop to Maude for rabbit poison

December 2, 2019 BY

MAUDE and District Landcare Group is putting the word out that it’s time for landowners to start planning for February’s rabbit poisoning campaign.

Landcare member Lex Stray suggests owners identify if there are rabbits on their property by using a spotlight or a strong torch at night to pinpoint the animals or burrows.

Ms Stray said she noticed earlier this year the number of rabbits increasing

However, also she said, “It appears the numbers have decreased recently.

“There has certainly been some evidence of myxomatosis but there must surely be some RHD, also known as rabbit calicivirus disease as well,” she said.

“This disease is harder to identify, as the rabbits are usually found lying dead on the ground with no obvious symptoms.”

If bait is needed to eradicate rabbits in the district it will be available for collection from the group in Maude on Friday, 28 February, Monday, 2 March and Thursday, 5 March.

It is issued on specific dates as the program is designed for the rabbits to have access to the bait over an extended period.

The Landcare group will be coordinating the campaign online.

For information about the program send contact details to [email protected] or call Lex Stray on 5281 9293 or Elaine Johns on 5281 9395.