Ice and fire to blast castle

June 26, 2024 BY

Magic: Kryal Castle has been overcome by an eternal winter since the evil snow Queen Neva took the throne. Photos: FILE

AN icy spectacular will be coming to Kryal Castle later this month as part of Ballarat Winter Festival.

Frozen kingdom will feature performances of Long Lost Princess at the Jesters’ Theatre, fire breathing dragons, create your own snowflake workshops and axe-throwing.

Phillip Leitch, experiences director, said an event highlight will be Trial by Fire, where knights will joust with fiery swords.

“During this time of year when it’s a bit cold we really lean into a fire theme for these holidays,” he said.

“We do the regular type of joust, but we set the lances on fire and the knights will fight with swords on fire as well.”

This is the first time Frozen Kingdom will be held at Kryal Castle, but it is an extension of Magic of Knights of Fire which was on during previous winters.

The festival will feature various fiery elements.


“It’s a reimaging of our Knights of Fire event which we have run previously,” said Mr Leitch.

“We’ve run the other program for a while now and this year we wanted to introduce some new characters.”

The program is part of the broader Ballarat Winter Festival and Mr Leitch said it is great to see the city embrace winter.

“I think winter is something to be celebrated so I’m really happy that Ballarat has a Winter Festival,” he said.

“It’s really worthwhile for people to come up and stay the night with lots of different things they could get around to.”

Frozen Kingdom will run from Saturday 29 June to Sunday 14 July. Tickets can be purchased on the Kryal Castle website.