ABOVE: Pigs have specific feed requirements to maximise their health and welfare.

Keeping pigs on small farms – what you need to know

December 5, 2018 BY

WITH an increase in the number of small land holdings throughout Victoria, more people are interested in owning livestock, including pigs.

Be it for breeding or as a unique pet, miniature or otherwise, there are certain steps which need to be taken to protect your pigs and other livestock.

Producer-led project Stock Sense is running an interactive webinar for those who currently own, or are interested in owning pigs, to better understand these steps.

Be joined by well-known pig vet, Dr Trish Holyoake, who will walk through what’s involved with owning pigs; from basic husbandry needs, to keeping your pigs safe with effective biosecurity measures.

Dr Holyoake has been working with small land holders for a number of years and recommends all who are interested in owning one or more pigs, take part in this webinar.

“Owning pigs is very different than owning sheep and cattle, being monogastrics, they have specific feed requirements to maximise their health and welfare, and it is no longer acceptable to feed them food scraps,” Dr Holyoake said.

“They can also be quite destructive, so owners need to be aware of this and set up their properties accordingly.

“Provision of adequate shelter, careful management of groundcover and cooling systems are all vital.

“And of course, check with your council before purchasing pigs so you are fully aware of regulations and of any restrictions.”

“STOCK UP: keeping pigs on small farms” is free to attend and will be held from 8pm to 9pm AEDT on Tuesday December 11.

For a detailed program and to register visit stocksense.org.au or contact the team directly on 1300 020 163 or stocksense@vff.org.au.