Health and freedom candidate’s focus

May 13, 2022 BY

First-time candidate: Kerryn Sedgman is stepping into the political arena. Photo: SUPPLIED

WHEATSHEAF’S Kerryn Sedgman is running as an Australian Federation Party candidate for the seat of Ballarat in this month’s Federal election.

Ms Sedgman has an applied health sciences degree, and background in natural health.

“Kinesiology is something I’ve spearheaded in Australia, and myotherapy and herbal medicine,” she said.

“I’ve been practicing as a kinesiologist, myotherapist, and herbal medicine person over the last few decades, travelling extensively, speaking at conferences, developing programs, writing curriculum and workshops.

“With some colleagues, we set up the first Australian kinesiology college that was credited with the government on Austudy, and set up one in Sydney and Perth back in the mid-90s.”

Ms Sedgman has decided to run for parliament as part of the Australian Federation Party, which she said is part of a collective of freedom-friendly minor parties, because there has been “community division and confusion” throughout the COVID era.

“I’ve found the pandemic response wanting in so many areas, so I thought this is something I can do to bring another perspective to the political arena.

“What really damaged me about the [restrictions] was that I missed my daughter’s pregnancy and the birth of her first baby, and I was very angry about that,” she said.

“I thought, I do have skills in the public arena, I have had a public life and been an activist and speaker for a long time for health, so I applied to be an AFP candidate, and I’ve been running ever since.

“It’s been the most exhilarating and brilliant experience I’ve had in a very long time, working with people and hearing their stories.”

With current policies advocating for freedom and freedom of speech, to return people’s jobs after vaccine mandates, and to stop the medical “underclass,” her goal in the meantime is to meet with small communities in the electorate and hear more about what they need from their next Federal MP.

Ms Sedgman currently lives with her husband at their five-acre “forever home” near Daylesford, growing food and caring for their animals.