Therapeutic practice: Laura Day in her element within the studio. Photo: SUPPLIED

Paintings presented from the heart

March 7, 2021 BY

PAINTER Laura Day will present a very personal solo exhibition, Whispers of the heart at the Mercure next month.

Experiencing a miscarriage last year, Day said she’s found her creative practice to be therapeutic in recent months, recovering from the “heartbreak” by focusing on her visual art ahead of the show.

“My art is bright, and I wish to convey a sense of joy with my pieces, so this exhibition has come at the perfect time. It has really helped me to heal,” she said.

“As an artist, I am always thinking creatively about how I can make opportunities for myself.

“When COVID hit, I also realised I could spend my days worrying, or do something productive for my mental health. I have found channelling my emotions into my art has been the perfect solution.”

Living with lupus, a chronic illness, Day is also a mentor to artists with a disability. She has spent the pandemic period working with her clients virtually.

“It’s great for both me and the client, because I am immune-compromised, so I have to limit my time working in the community, and the clients with disability have also been affected by not being able to get out to their regular programs.

“Over the years living with chronic illness I’ve built up resilience and tend to face the challenges I have with a sense of optimism,” she said.

“I’m not perfect every day, but I try to shift my mind to the positive opportunity it brings.”

The exhibition officially launches on Thursday, 11 March from 5.30pm. It is open from 8am to 8pm each day from Monday, 8 March to Sunday, 18 April.