Law firms unite to create new business

October 31, 2019 BY

Together now: Don Robinson, Neale Gribble, Andrew Baird and Andrew Robson launched new law firm Baird & McGregor incorporating Cuthberts in November. Photo: CAROL SAFFER

FIRST there was the merger of historic law practice Cuthberts with Harwood Andrews in July 2013.

Then Harwood Andrews announced it will close its doors in Ballarat at the end of October.

Now the Cuthberts name is being reignited, by former directors Andrew Robson and Don Robinson, who are joining forces with Baird & McGregor.

“There were economies of scale to be considered to set up a new firm again under the name of Cuthberts”, Mr Robson said. “We chose instead to join with Baird & McGregor because we saw that they have similar values, culture and client base.

“There were synergies there that would benefit them and us.”

The new legal practice will be known as Baird & McGregor incorporating Cuthberts from Friday, 1 November.

The aim of joining forces is to add depth and expertise to the services provided.

Mr Robinson is an accredited specialist in property while Mr Robson’s proficiency is with wills and estates.

They will merge their client base with those of Baird & McGregor however neither of them will be directors of the new entity.

“The majority of the staff that were employed by Harwood Andrews are coming to the new practice,” Mr Robson said.

Andrew Baird, whose grandfather founded Baird & McGregor, said he sees the new set up as business as usual.

“When Andrew [Robson] approached me saying ‘Don and I would like to come and work with your guys’ it seemed like a good idea,” Mr Baird said.

Baird & McGregor incorporating Cuthberts, will be located at 9 Lydiard Street North, Ballarat.