Unusual stages for poetry and song

January 1, 2022 BY

Funny places: Amie Brûlée and Megan J Riedl are re-engaging audiences by performing in non-traditional spaces. Photo: ED RILEY

A SERIES of summer performances by two Ballarat creatives are being held in some very unusual, but playful locations.

Megan J Riedl and Amie Brûlée’s Little Gigs in Funny Places are showcasing original spoken word poetry, live music, and stories in traditionally non-theatrical surroundings.

Taking place in a big drain, a carpark, a cemetery, on a hill, a sports oval, and under a tree, the performances from Brûlée, a singer and instrumentalist, and Riedl, a spoken word poet, are set to entertain audiences here, there, and everywhere across the city.

With a goal to strengthen and build on their community networks, the artists hope their intimate concerts will foster friendships.

“COVID restrictions have made us all question how we do things and what makes us feel human,” Brûlée said.

“I’ve really missed the connection of live performances; meeting people, hearing their stories, and creating an opportunity for the audience to connect with each other.

“That inspires me and feeds back into my creative practice.”

Following two years of virtual COVID-safe performances, Riedl is ready to mix with a face-to-face crowd.

“I’m very grateful to have had platforms like Zoom as an option, but there’s nothing that beats doing it live,” she said.

“You can feel the energy transfer to and from the audience, and you can hear and see them react to your performance. That’s special.”

Book online at trybooking.com/BVLQO and receive the exact gig location afterwards.