Poetic collab a cathartic process

November 14, 2021 BY

Time to confess: Award-winning spoken word performer Megan J Riedl is producing the project’s two pieces of poetry. Photo: FILE

A DEVELOPING online community poetry project is set to say, I know what you did last lockdown.

Those who experienced anything intriguing during periods of pandemic isolation, or simply the mundane, are encouraged by Ballarat poet and spoken word artist Megan J Riedl to share these moments from their life.

“What do you need to get off your chest about lockdown? A secret happening, shower epiphany, major life change or a simple observation,” she said.

“This project invites people who have experienced lockdowns due to COVID 19 to share their experiences, positive, negative and neutral, by way of an anonymous confession.

“The confessions will… be collated, analysed and crafted into two original poetry pieces. The two final pieces will explore commonalities in how people coped during lockdown, what is fundamental to survival, and what is considered taboo by humans in lockdown.”

Riedl has launched the public creative writing collaboration as a means of “community therapy” and “catharsis,” asking people to reflect on the last couple of years.

An interactive, digital choose-your-own-adventure piece, and a spoken word poem will be produced from these reflections. It’s expected both will be complete and available next month.

“I’m interested in how archetypal voices might be found and brought to life from the anonymous confessions; who are we in lockdown and what do we sound like?” Riedl said.

Visit meganjriedl.com/lastlockdown to find out more information about the project, or to contribute your own anonymous lockdown confession.