More defibs for pharmacies

December 20, 2021 BY

UFS CEO Lynne McLennan. Photo: FILE

LOCAL community owned pharmacy chain, UFS Dispensaries, has boosted its supply of publicly available and potentially lifesaving machines across Ballarat and beyond.

UFS has installed an additional 14 semi-automatic defibrillators at some of their locations, available to any member of the public to use to assist someone in a sudden cardiac arrest.

CEO Lynne McLennan said the devices would benefit the community with better health outcomes.

“Easily accessible defibrillators are a great asset to a community and UFS is delighted to make this investment in the health and wellbeing of our community,” she said.

“This is a very practical demonstration of UFS directing its resources to improving the health of our members and the local community.”

New nearby defibs include those in UFS pharmacies in Bridge Mall, Doveton Street South, Delacombe, Sebastopol, Sturt Street West, Wendouree, Buninyong and Mount Clear.

A device was already available in the Sturt Street pharmacy, as well as the Victoria Street and Doveton Street North sites which have access to defibs in their co-located medical centres.

In an emergency, pharmacy staff can also provide first aid and CPR.