More exposure sites listed, BHS issues waning

September 20, 2021 BY

Safeway: Supermarkets across Ballarat have been listed as COVID-19 exposure sites. Photo: FILE

FURTHER exposure sites in Ballarat have been listed on the Department of Health and Human Services website.

The locations in Alfredton, Delacombe and Ballarat come after five new cases of COVID-19 were discovered in the city.

Four of them are linked to the existing cluster that kicked off the Ballarat municipal lockdown last week, while the fifth case is linked to a known Melbourne outbreak.

In a media statement released this afternoon a Ballarat Health Services spokesperson said it was important residents continued to check the DHHS exposure website due to changes.

“Some of the exposure sites have been listed previously but the dates and times of exposure have changed,” the statement said. “Please check this detail carefully.”

“People who have attended tier one exposure sites and registered their details will receive a text message followed by a call from the Department of Health.

“If you attended a tier two site you are unlikely to receive a text. Please remain vigilant and proactive in checking the list of exposure sites as often as possible, and follow the directions of that site if you were present at the time and date of exposure.”

The DHHS exposure site list can be found here.

The current new exposure sites in Ballarat include:

Alfredton, Woolworths Lucas Shopping Centre, Dyson and Remembrance drives. Wednesday, 15 September, 6.20pm – 7.20pm. Case attended venue – Tier 2

Delacombe, Bunnings Delacombe, 307 Smythes Road. Wednesday, 15 September, 5.20pm – 6.30pm. Case attended venue – Tier 2

Ballarat, F45 Training Ballarat, 8 Mair Street. Tuesday, 14 September, 6.15am – 7.45am. Case attended venue – Tier 2

Alfredton, Aldi Alfredton, 1611-1616 Sturt Street. Tuesday, 14 September, 5.25pm – 6.35pm. Case attended venue – Tier 2

Ballarat, Ballarat GovHub, 101 Armstrong Street North. Tuesday, 14 September. 7.55am – 5.10pm. Case attended venue – Tier 2

Visit our ongoing and constantly updated COVID-19 in Ballarat story for a list of exposure sites, testing location locations and information.


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