Healthy eating: Former Masterchef contestant Alice Zaslavsky is set to host a veggie filled lunch at Lola. Photo: BEN DEARNLEY

Pro chef on veggie lunch

March 8, 2021 BY

PROFESSIONAL chef, former Masterchef contestant and new cookbook author Alice Zaslavsky is preparing for her upcoming vegetarian lunch event at Lola.

Set to take place Sunday, 14 March from 12pm, the event will champion four courses of vegetarian meals, paired beverages and hosted by media personality Gorgi Coghlan.

“The event is going to be a lunch of magnificent proportions because we are celebrating vegetables,” Zaslavsky said.

“For vegetarians and other people that often feel like they are the afterthought, here’s a veg celebration to end all celebrations.

“I truly cannot wait to go to a live event, meet people and connect with them over our shared love of food.”

Tickets to the event include a copy of Zaslavsky’s new book IN PRAISE OF VEG as well as an intimate interview session with the Coghlan and the chef herself.

“The thing I’m most looking forward to is having a chin wag with Gorgi Coghlan because the last time we spoke was when I just came off Masterchef a decade ago,” Zaslavsky said.

“It was one of my first media obligations and she made me feel so comfortable so coming full circle in a way.”

While Zaslavsky admits, her new book isn’t entirely vegetarian, she said she’s found over the years how great it is to work with good quality, seasonal produce.

“I would call the book veg forward, more and more people are trying to eat more vegetables so the book is my way of offering inspiration to do so,” she said.

“There’s a lot of delicious flavours, innovation and inspiration that can come with eating with the seasons and things that are grown for us by passionate small producers.

“If we need any proof that people want vegetables, the book is already in its fifth re-print and it only came out in November.”

Looking forward to not only the event itself, Zaslavsky said she’s excited to visit the region again and taste from some of the other dining establishments around town.

“Last year, it was really challenging particularly for extroverts like me who are energised by spending time with people, there’s nothing like the energy of a live event,” she said.

“I’m looking forward to spending the whole weekend in Ballarat and filling up my dance card with a bunch of different activities.”

To book tickets for the lunch at Lola, call 5331 3399 or visit