Simple beauty: While her harvested proteas couldn’t be supplied to Saltbush Kitchen, Sonya Sutcliffe offered them to neighbours and the Buninyong township. Photo: EDWINA WILLIAMS

Picking a pretty pink protea posy

June 11, 2021 BY

MOUNT Buninyong bed-and-breakfast owner Sonya Sutcliffe has a seasonal “side hustle” to share with the township.

“At our Rosie’s Cottage on Gittings Lane, right next to the Union Jack Reserve, I’ve started a protea paddock out the back,” she said.

“They’re just stunning flowers, and because they need to be harvested at this time of year, they’ve provided me with an opportunity to give back to our community.

“I’ve got all these excess proteas, because I usually put them in Saltbush Kitchen and around town, but with all of that shut last week, I thought I’d create protea posies, so people within five kilometres can wander through Union Jack, pick up some flowers, and enjoy them for free.”

A protea can stay fresh in a vase for up to four weeks.

Throughout lockdown, Ms Sutcliffe advertised the bunches on her @therosie_collection_ Instagram page, encouraging locals to walk by and take home a vibrant bouquet for themselves, or to gift to close-by family members and friends they were missing under stage-four COVID-19 restrictions.

She said now is the time for enterprises to think differently about how they do business, and connect with their local market.

“It’s been nice seeing little families wander up, and a couple of teenage girls who thought the posies were cute. All age groups are enjoying them,” she said.

“People love the beauty of the flower, and their longevity, because you can cut them, and they’ll last in a vase for up to four weeks. Even dried out they’re quite stunning.

“They’re built to last, and in our conditions in Buninyong, they thrive through the summer.”

The #ProteasOnGittings campaign is expected to continue, especially if lockdown periods return. Ms Sutcliffe can deliver proteas locally.

Keep an eye on or contact 0417 168 456 to order proteas.