Life on land: The United Nations marks the International Day of Rural Women. Photo: FILE

Rural women connect and celebrate

September 22, 2019 BY

IN recognition of the International Day of Rural Women, Golden Plains Rural Women’s Network will connect ladies from across the shire at their Chicks’ Catch Up.

Celebrating the day a little early on Friday, 11 October from 7pm until 10pm, it’s an opportunity to empower and unite women in the community who make invaluable contributions to its development.

Felicity Bolitho, Golden Plains Rural Women’s Network Chair said it was important to acknowledge the day because of its direct relevance to so many people in the municipality.

“The majority of our members are women farmers. They live in the country, they’re pulling the sheep together, they’re cropping, and over the years we can say the women farmers have not been acknowledged as much,” she said.

“All these women farmers are out there getting their hands dirty, very much the same way that the men are, so we just want to recognise their contribution.”

Ms Bolitho said many women out in the middle of the shire have so much in common, but they can struggle to connect.

“We find that if we can bring them together with something fun and nice, they can relax and catch up, and they might meet new people or join a new group.”

October’s Chicks’ Catch Up is a prime example, and the network has some “good old country hospitality” planned.

Within a $20 ticket, attendees can enjoy finger food and their first drink, guest speakers, t-ball, essential oils, cupcakes, Tupperware, jewellery, artists, door prizes and raffles.

The largest collective booking will win a prize.

“We want people to bring a friend who lives in the area or bring a neighbour that maybe they only see once a month.

“Tag the next person, and the next person. It’s the network part of the network,” Ms Bolitho said.

Choosing to donate all proceeds of the evening to Queensland drought and flood relief, the network has come full circle.

“The group has been together since the 1990s, when they first formed in response to drought. There were so many families affected,” Ms Bolitho said.

“The aim of the group is to bring women together, to help when they need it, provide support conduits and, of course, we do a bit of fundraising.

“We find an actual person, or people, that need our assistance and direct the funds to them.”

Tickets are available at, or there will be some on the door for late deliberators.

Find the Chicks’ Catch Up at Barunah Hall, on the corner of Wingeel and Shelford-Cressy Roads, Barunah Park.