Sale yards future uncertain

August 12, 2021 BY

Plans: The City of Ballarat has sought legal advice on how to plan for the future of the former La Trobe Street saleyards. Photo: FILE

REDEVELOPMENT of the former La Trobe Street sale yards has hit a road black with the City of Ballarat acknowledging an act of Parliament would be required to unlock land at site.

Municipal director of development and growth Natalie Robertson provided an update on the progress at the site earlier this week after the City sought legal help on the situation.

“The advice we’ve received is that this process is likely to take some time and will need an Act of Parliament to remove the current restrictions,” she said.

Legal restrictions at the site means it can only be used as a municipal saleyard, but Ms Robertson said activating the space was important for the city’s growth.

“The former saleyards and surrounding precinct remains a focal point for Ballarat’s growth and we will work through this process so it can be available for use in the future,” she said.

The site is currently being prepared for use, with fencing installed and slashing works set to continue to maintain the area.

The City is also waiting on the results of soil testing so they can put out the call for tenders for surface rehabilitation works in the coming weeks.

Those works would include removing concrete, bluestone, truck-washes and other ground level infrastructure.

The heritage protected selling pavilion, administration building and livestock pens would not form part of these works, according to the City.

Contractors working on upgrades to the La Trobe Street and Wiltshire Lane intersection will this week start using the closed section of Gillies Street at the former saleyards as a staging area.

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