Lino cutting: One of Susan Clarke’s recent workshop participants prepares their plate for the press. Photos: SUPPLIED

Printmakers carve creativity and relaxation

January 13, 2021 BY

STUDYING teaching at ACU, Susan Clarke discovered printmaking during an arts unit.

“It was a great escape from the academic areas and I really enjoyed it. I found out I could create art,” she said.

“When I started teaching, I tended to be in the arts areas, so printmaking gave me the confidence to teach art to children.”

Identifying a need in the community for people of all ages to discover and experience an art practice like she had, Clarke began facilitating printmaking workshops.

This month and next, she’s delivering some to small, COVID-safe groups at Ballarat Trades Hall.

Lino printing is the most popular technique and process taught by Susan Clarke.

“I want to give people the opportunity to have a go at something they haven’t done before,” she said.

“In my workshops, I teach various lino printing techniques; reduction, multi-plate, and jigsaw printing.

“Lino printing is the most popular in my classes, but I’m introducing the collagraph technique this time as well.”

Each participant, whether they attend on Saturday, 16 January, Saturday, 13 February or Saturday, 27 February will have their own individual workstation for the day from 10am to 3pm.

Clarke said attendees often leave the five-hour classes having carved out a relaxing and meditative experience.

“They focus on the creating, the cutting, the gauging and take their mind off everything else. When they’ve finished a class, everyone says how much they’ve enjoyed focusing on the art and nothing else.

“They come away having completed work, even if they didn’t think they could do it. They always achieve something and enjoy the process,” she said.

“At recent workshops, people have just been happy to get out and be creative with others. It’s lovely to share art, for them to share their backgrounds with each other, and to open eyes to creativity.”

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