Time to check your chimneys

May 21, 2022 BY

Sweep the stacks: The CFA is recommending everyone maintain their heating appliances in preparation for the colder months. Photo: FILE

WITH winter approaching, the CFA is urging everyone to check and maintain their chimneys, fireboxes, fireplaces, and flues over the coming colder months.

Last year, almost half of the CFA’s 130 responses to chimney fires took place over winter and Chief Officer Jason Heffernan said now is the optimal time to clean your fireplace.

“Winter is the perfect time to curl up in front of a warm fire, but chimney fires can quickly turn into house fires,” he said.

“Spending a few minutes now to check your chimney could be one of the most important fire safety actions you take this season.”

Chief Officer Heffernan said the build-up of a flammable tar-like substance called creosote in chimneys should be also be a concern for households.

“Creosote is caused by general use but can also build up faster if you are using incorrect fuels such as green wood or treated timbers,” he said.

“So, make sure you only burn dry, clean wood to reduce the risk of fire starting from a fireplace or wood heater.”

Chief Officer Heffernan also stressed the importance of checking fireplaces with a torch, regularly servicing gas heaters and ensuring that interconnected smoke alarms are in place across the house.