Why Red Bull’s ‘ridiculous’ ownership needs to end ASAP

March 1, 2024 BY

Too many horses?: Energy drink company Red Bull owns two F1 teams. Photo: IPA/ SIPA USA

IS it time for Red Bull to sell their secondary F1 team?

Formula 1 expert Cam van den Dungen said he believes it is “ridiculous” for them to still have it in 2024.

While Red Bull is currently in a period of dominance, they remain the only team in control of two different constructors, owning the Visa Cash App RB team [formerly known as AlphaTauri and before that Toro Rosso].

While van den Dungen is grateful to Red Bull for their investment in Formula 1 during tough times, he feels the sport is strong enough now to not have this awkward pairing.

“Red Bull needs to sell Visa Cash App RB as soon as possible,” he told SEN’s Grid Walk.

“Formula 1 is not supposed to have junior teams. It can have some technical alignments, but the same parent owns two teams.

“Now, for lots of different reasons that occurred and it’s within the regulations right now. What I am saying is that there is supposed to be intent of the rule. There shouldn’t be junior team relationships in F1.

“I’ll be honest, it’s ridiculous that in this current day and age that it has been allowed to continue for so long.

“Let’s look at how it came about. We should genuinely thank Red Bull for what they did for the sport. Go back to the end of 2005 when Minardi basically sold because it was on its knees to the Red Bull family.

“They held Formula 1 together during the Global Financial Crisis, but those days are gone now.

“The sport is now arguably the best sport in the world when it comes to attendance, average viewer age and financial clout, so it is time to move on.

“The sport is not only survived the downturns, but has thrived and under Liberty Media it is in a new era.

“It is time for the rules to be tightened up and the intent to be enforced and they need to sell the team.

“They need to move away from having two teams in one top-tier championship, like every other sport in the world.”

Daniel Ricciardo and Yuki Tsunoda will drive for Visa Cash App RB in 2024.

Since Red Bull took control of the team at the end of 2005, the team has never finished higher than 6th in the constructors. They finished eighth last season.