Paul O’Donohue, managing director Central Highlands Water. Photo: FILE

Wipe away the habit

March 26, 2020 BY

CENTRAL Highlands Water is urging Ballarat to remember that wipes should not be flushed down toilets.

With many using alternatives for toilet paper, CHW is reminding residents that wipes, even those marketed as flushable, are not designed to break down like regular toilet paper.

CHW managing director, Paul O’Donohue said wipes are known to be problematic for sewer systems.

“Wipes can cause blockages in our pipes and big problems for our sewerage system. A blockage impacts the community and the environment and creates additional costs to clean,” he said.

“While we have had no blockages in our sewer pipes to date, we are closely monitoring the system. We thank the community for their vigilance in doing the right thing.”

Wet and make-up wipes, tissues, hygiene products, paper towel, serviettes, scraps, labels, medicines and chemicals are all non-flushable, even if labelled as so.

CHW emphasises only human waste and toilet paper is right for the pipes. Visit for more information.