Workshops to help hype up creatives

October 8, 2022 BY

About the artist: Writer, poet and director Megan J Riedl will host two creative self-promotion workshops at Bridge Mall. Photo: FILE

MANY artists can struggle with selling themselves and their work.

That’s why local creative Megan J Riedl is hosting two self-promotion workshops this month to help artists put themselves out there.

The classes will take place at the Femxle Experience Art Rebellion space at Bridge Mall, with the first at 10am to 12.30pm on Wednesday, 12 October and the second on Saturday, 22 October from 1.30pm to 4pm.

Riedl said both classes will cover a variety of self-promotional obstacles.

“We’re talking about updating your CV, writing an artist’s biography, values that drive your creative practice and your vision for what you’re hoping to do and be as a creative,” she said.

“We’re wanting people to bring through what they’ve got and I’ll talk through in a sort of general way and then they can spend time on their own content.

“It’s also a great chance for everyone to collaborate and use each other. Often someone outside yourself has a better perspective of how to market you.

“I recently helped a woman update her bio after she’d been using the same one for 10 years.”

Both workshops are capped at about 15 people, and Riedl said samples of their work as well as relevant promotional material.

A professional creative for about five years, Riedl said self-promotion is key for any artist.

“It’s everything. Every opportunity you might want to go for from grants to a callout for exhibitions to even just talking about yourself,” she said.

“You need these basic templates for things. You need a bio, you need a good headshot, your CV. Any opportunity you come across, they’ll ask for that stuff.

“And it’s just good to be able to talk about yourself in a proud, non-shameful, articulate way and show how you can connect with an audience.”

Tickets are $45 and can be booked at FEAR’s website.