Principal of Professionals Ballarat, Michael Edgar, says he’s “very enthused” about the agency’s ongoing support for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Photo: FILE

Professionals go pink

October 17, 2019 BY

Professionals Ballarat are celebrating nine years of supporting the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

MORE than nineteen thousand ladies will be diagnosed with breast cancer by the end of this year, and around three thousand will die.

Aware of these statistics, national real estate group, Professionals mark Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October by “going pink” on their website and donating a portion of each property’s commission to the campaign.

This not only helps them boost fundraising for the National Breast Cancer Foundation, but a better community understanding of the disease. The brand has raised over $3 million for the cause to date.

As Diamond NBCF Partners, Professionals Ballarat Principal, Michael Edgar said his office is “very enthused” about the long-standing annual campaign.

Championing NBCF’s work in the research and prevention space, they’re pleased to be able to assist a foundation that supports so many by “improving facilities and trying to find a cure.

“We all know how much of an effect breast cancer has on women and families all over the country and world, and it doesn’t necessarily affect only women,” Mr Edgar said.

“It affects everyone associated on a local basis, a family basis… it touches the hearts of everyone, so from that perspective we’re just trying to make a small contribution and acknowledge the great work that this organisation does, and encourage the local community to get behind it, which they always do.”

Over their nine years contributing to the cause, Professionals Ballarat have raised money through charity functions, selling merchandise like pink ribbons, and have encouraged independent donations.

The branch has also collected bras for women in need across the world.