Safety in numbers: Up to 32 people will be allowed to play on each green in line with pandemic restrictions this bowls season. Photo: FILE

Bowls to roll from November

September 24, 2020 BY

THE Ballarat District Bowls Division 2020-2021 season will begin in two months time and run for fourteen weeks.

Marilyn Blake, chair of the Ballarat District Bowls Division said the mid-week competition is set for Tuesdays from 17 November, and the Saturday Pennant will start on 21 November.

Mindful of protecting the health of their 24 clubs and 2000 members in this COVID-19 era, the season launch has been delayed.

“Before the second wave we were thinking the bowls season would be a similar style to previous years, but then we realised that was never going to be,” she said.

“The demographic is mainly elderly people, the over-70s, so safety is very important.”

To comply with social distancing practices, only 32 people will play on each green.

“That will be challenging with the amount of greens available to us, but that’s worthwhile because in the interest of our bowlers, their physical and mental health, we need to get them out and playing bowls,” Ms Blake said.

“We’ll be getting together with our clubs soon and impressing upon them how important it is that we observe all the COVID rules for this coming season.”

Players will wear masks, sanitise their hands, and make sure the communal equipment like mats and kitties are also regularly sanitised. Usual gatherings will not be allowed in clubrooms.

“People just have to make a choice if they feel comfortable to play, but I want to assure all our bowlers that the clubs will do the right thing, and it will be done correctly,” Ms Blake said.

“One case in the bowling fraternity and it will affect everybody.”

All fixtures will be accessible at instead of a booklet.

Synthetic greens at some clubs have been accessible to use over the winter, with minimal players on site. Contact tracing practices, sanitising and social distancing has been thorough.