Winter premiers: Haddon Badminton Club’s ‘smashing’ 2019 pennant champs. Photo: SUPPLIED

Comps, coaching and community at Haddon badminton

October 12, 2020 BY

HADDON Stadium has always seen the dribbling of basketballers and pivoting of netballers, but for a quarter of a century, it’s been home to jumps, drops, backhands and smashes too.

Haddon Badminton Club first served a shuttlecock under the leadership of some of Ballarat’s A grade players.

Secretary, Trudy Cuttler said they wanted to give those living in the country a more accessible opportunity to have a hit.

“They didn’t want it to be too serious, but community and family orientated,” she said.

With three courts and six teams, the stadium was then relined to accommodate four courts. The club expanded, and now has almost 50 players.

One of the group’s proudest moments was seeing member and elite badminton athlete, Erin Carroll compete for Australia in the 2006 Commonwealth Games and the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

But at its heart, the Haddon club wants to simply encourage people of all ages, families, and those who have never picked up a racket before, to have a go and meet others living in their growing community.

Although they haven’t been able to get together since last year due to renovations on the stadium floor and COVID-19 restrictions, the club usually meets on Monday nights during school terms, playing winter and summer pennants.

“We may not be back before next year, but we’re excited to get started. No one’s played on the new floor yet, so we’re itching to go,” Ms Cuttler said.

“It’s a really nice friendly game of badminton, as well as competitive, but it’s about encouragement. A lot of the higher grade players are there to help those who are new, so we can get players up and running and offer coaching locally.”

With members travelling from Linton, Ballarat and Smythesdale, the club is currently welcoming enquiries.

“Come out and exercise with us. I love it because it keeps me fit and out in the winter, while meeting a lot of people at the same time,” Ms Cuttler said.

“We will accommodate any number. At the start of the season, we’ll invite people to come and have a hit so we can grade them.

“You can also be a fill-in if you’re working and not free every week. We’re all there just to have a fun time.”