Livingstone to finish up as AFLW boss

December 1, 2023 BY

Moving on: Nicole Livingstone step down from her role as head of the AFLW from this weekend. Photo: JAMES ROSS/ AAP IMAGE

AFLW boss Nicole Livingstone has announced she will step down at the end of the week.

The news came at the start of AFLW grand final week, with North Melbourne and Brisbane to play off for the title of premiers at Ikon Park on Sunday.

Livingstone has held the role for seven seasons. She was appointed after season one and ahead of the second AFLW season and has seen the league flourish into an 18-team competition.

She informed club captains on Monday.

“After six years and on the eve of the completion of our best AFLW season to date, the time feels right for me to step away and support the AFLW competition from a different perspective,” Livingstone said via a statement.

“When I sat with Gill and Steve Hocking and Andrew Dillion in 2017 before taking on this role, we spoke about aspirations for AFLW.

“We wanted a league that was pride of place in the Australian sporting landscape and was respected for what was being created.

“We wanted to create an opportunity for every one of our 18 clubs to experience what having an AFLW program would bring to their club; athletically, culturally and commercially.

“Most importantly I wanted opportunities for girls and women to play, coach, umpire, administer and even broadcast our game.

“Australian football looks different from when I started. Women involved in all areas of our game is now normal and no longer a pleasant surprise.

“My support and advocacy for AFLW won’t change, and I’m looking forward to what the future of the competition brings.

“Thank you to Dills, Laura, everyone at the AFL for the opportunity to play a role in a sport that means so much to so many people.

“I want to thank all the players, the ones before my time, the ones during, and the ones yet to come, your drive, your passion, your relentless push to make our competition the best it can be is something I have admired and respected.

“You are an inspiration to everyone.”